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All of our Ramps come pre drilled with fixing holes at the junction between the ground and the ramp surface where you can bolt on an Aluminium chequer plate. This creates a smooth transition between the wood and the ground so you can use our ramps with a skateboard. All our ramps can be used with bikes without a Skate plate!

Riders should always wear  Personal Protective Equipment when using Sender Ramps. Such as a full face helmet, eye wear, gloves, full body armour, knee and elbow pads and footwear designed for riding bikes. Sender ramps are not liable for any accidents that occur when using the ramps. Riders should always ride within ability and progress only when practice has made perfect. Bikes used on Sender Ramps must be fit for the purpose of jumping and be of suitable quality and design. Always complete a bike check before riding, make sure your ramps are free from damage, the bolts on the ramps are tight, the ramps are stable on a flat even surface and approach and landing are good before you jump.