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ENHANCE your PRO RANGE RAMPS and FEATURES! Once again we are PIONEERING the design and manufacture of TOP END coaching equipment for coaches, clubs and centres.

Our plywood RUMBLE strips are designed to fit onto all your PRO RANGE RAMPS and FEATURES. However they work best on the 350 / 500 Straight Ramps AND the Sender Rock Garden.

They can be fitted horizontally or at an angle to create challenging trail like obstacles in ascent / descent OR on the flat. 

They can be used individually for beginners or stacked 2 or more high OR varying height and angled for more advanced riders.

They can be moved around the ramps and angled changed in a matter of seconds!

Each Rumble Pack contains:

  • 30 x Disk Nut Fittings
  • 60 x Screws
  • 24 x Bolts
  • 12 x Rumble Strips

We have also made a product that allows you to purchase additional fixings for other ramps in your collection.

This pack Includes:

  • 25 x T Nut Fixings
  • 50 x Screws