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This is a Specialist Piece of Professional Equipment that works with the LIMBOHOPHURDLE PILLARS. (NOT INCLUDED)

Our Customizable Cyclocross Competition Barrier comes in two parts which can be bolted together to create a solid 400 mm High Barrier. You have the ability to set 2 heights of 250 OR 400. There is 25 mm of adjustable height for uneven ground below the barrier. Once familiar with the operation you can set up the entire structure or take it down in under 10 minutes with 2 people.


  • BOTTOM Barrier 1 - 250 High - Beginners / Kids or Low Barrier
  • TOP Barrier 2 - 150 High - Advanced / Full Height Barrier when placed onto the top of Barrier 1.


Each barrier is 3150 wide and folds into 4 sections which are hinged together. Each barrier has an adjustable plate which you can push into the ground before securing to the Barrier. This add stability and structural support for bigger impacts.

The Limbohophurdle Pillars can be weighted or pegged using one of the Multi diameter holes.

The Barriers are manufactured in Scotland from 100% Birch Core Phenolic Plywood and come fully assembled and custom branded. Artwork is an additional (minimum) £30 depending on the quality / complexity of the logo you email to us - - Cutting the Logos is included.

Comes with a Maintenance Box with Spare Bolts / Allen Key and Bolt Spray.


    Users must always use appropriate protective equipment consisting on no less than helmet and gloves. Instructions must be followed to avoid serious injury to self, others and personal equipment like your bike.

    Landing on the barrier in FIXED mode may seriously damage you, your bike and the barrier.