SENDER MANUAL MASTER MACHINE 18mm Reduction Spacer (no shipping)

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Every Manual Machine now comes with 1 x 9mm Spacer as Standard.

Use this simple 18mm spacer to narrow the wheel gap from 60 mm down in 18mm steps.

You may need more than 1 spacer. But we do not recommend more than 2 spacers, one either side of the tyre.

You can combine an 18 mm with a 9 mm spacer or use 1 x 18 mm spacer and a 9mm spacer to make a Plus Size Manual Machine fit most wheel and tyre sizes.

It is important that the Sender Manual Master Machine snugly holds your rear tyre to avoid damaging the machine or your tyre. You can increase or decrease the air pressure in your rear tyre for additional adjustment and fit.