Sender 500 PRO Curved

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500 Curved Pro

Designed and Manufactured in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands

This range is 100% Birch Core Phenolic Plywood for extra durability.

Connects to our Tabletop with 500 Legs

Innovative, lightweight, portable and space saving ramps designed for minimum F***ing (faffing ;) around. Throw them down and be jumping in seconds.

A game changer with modern funky design. This range of ramps has multiple bolt on components coming soon so you can extend the range. We have succeeded in making this range excellent value for money and easy to ship by offering them flat packed. However, you have the option to have them assembled by Team Sender.

The 500 Curve (mm high) is our advanced folding ramp. Super strong design with Birch Core Phenolic plywood surface all CNC cut in our workshop in Inverness - Scotland

Assembly is straight forward with basic tools, an assistant and by watching our Assembly Films on our Youtube Channel. We can also assemble for you.

This range is absolutely spot on for clubs, coaches, instructors and centres. This range has been designed to offer opportunities for isolating and working on Skills and Techniques development for all abilities across many MTB and BMX scenarios.

Awesome value for money with the bomber build quality expected of Sender Ramps. All exposed plywood should be treated before use and at least annually.

BRANDING - An artwork fee applies in addition. Please email a vector file / log to and we will reply with a quote.

  • Peg points to reduce movement
  • All our ramps have stainless steel screws and hinges
  • Bolt the 650 Extension for super sizing
  • Bolt points for adding more components - Coming Soon
  • Launch Pad 200 Fits Inside 500
  • Straps provided to hold the legs during transport
  • Additional Strap provided to make the ramps into a rucksack
  • Brand / Personalize your ramps and bolt on components with names and logos for a professional look and brand awareness in all action images taken
  • Only Straight Ramps are Rock Garden Ready

5 - 10  Working Days Manufacture BEFORE Shipping 

WARNING - Young children should be supervised to prevent trapped fingers when unfolding the ramp legs and securing the baton. 

Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (Helmet (full face) gloves, pads and a suitable maintained bike) when jumping and work up the ramps placing a smaller ramp where possible on the landing side to reduce the step down. A soft landing such as grass may reduce serious injuries.

Storage - All our products are designed to be stored indoors. If stored outside they should be treated accordingly.

International Design Copyright filed and pending.