Compression Roller

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Compression Roller

The Sender Compression Roller fits onto our 350 Ramp.THE ROLLER does not come with a 350 ramp

This feature ONLY works on the 350 Curved OR Straight

Our Compression Roller allows riders to learn the skills involved in approaching and surmounting a feature as well as rolling up to, over and compressing out of a feature. 

Our Standard Range is made from Birch Plywood Sides and Birch Core Phenolic Plywood Surfaces. We use Stainless Steel Fixings through-out. You must treat the exposed plywood with deck preservative once purchased and at least annually. We recommend keeping equipment inside.

BRANDING - If you would like to brand your ramp please go to the PRO Range

UPGRADE - to 100% Birch Core Phenolic Plywood please go to the PRO Range - IMAGES SHOW PRO RANGE ROLLER!