BMX Manual Machine / Trainer

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The BMX Manual Master Machine - Trainer

Performance BMX Training and Coaching Equipment

WIPO Design Protected - DM/200278

STANDARD = No Custom Branding on the Decks

BRANDED = The Branded machine has extra holes in the sides to make it lighter to transport. It also has Custom Branding. Select Branded and then email us with your Logo - We assess the artwork fee and send you a link to pay for this. You then receive a Special Custom Machine. Branded Machines take longer to cut on the machine and longer to hand finish.

SUITABLE FOR BIKES 20 INCH to 24 INCH - It can take 26 INCH Wheel and 27.5 up to 2.3 Wide ONLY IF YOU USE THE STRAP TO PREVENT THE WHEEL ROLLING OUT. At own risk.

Thousands of Riders, Coaches, Shops and Clubs are now using our BMX Manual Machine - Trainer Worldwide to help improve their riding.

The Sender Manual Machine allows you to TRAIN AT HOME. It is an invaluable tool for riders of all ages and abilities. Fantastic for clubs and coaches looking to breakdown and isolate skills and techniques. It will give you an excellent sport specific workout for strength and conditioning. Especially for BMX'ers where manualling is such a fundamental skill.

The Manual Machine will help riders learn good body position and bike handling skills that transfer not only into manualling but also surmounting obstacles, bunny hopping, dropping and jumping.

  • Suitable for bike wheel sizes 20 to 24 and Tyre widths UP TO 2.28 - in a 58 mm Opening (Please ensure your bike fits BEFORE Purchasing)
  • It comes with a 9mm, 12 mm and 18mm Spacer
  • We also supply deck supports so you can remove the front baton and extend to a 26 inch wheel

Please note that some very small Kids 20 Inch bikes may have some pedal strike depending on make, model and suspension.

Manufactured with CNC'd hard wearing anti-slip Birch Core Phenolic Plywood Decks and Birch Plywood sides.

You can choose to BRAND YOUR DECKS with your shop, club or business logo. An artwork fee applies which starts at £30.00 depending on the complexity of turning the file you supply to us into a cutting file. Once we assess the Vector file we will advice on final cost and send a link to pay any additional charges. Once we have the logo on file it can be applied to any of our products in the future.