Sender Advanced 500 + 650 + 800 Ramp Set

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The Sender Advanced Ramp Set

Standard Range

The Advanced Ramp Set starts with a 500 as your base onto which you can then bolt the 650 and extend to 800! An awesome set up for anyone looking to supersize jumping. Landing to flat off the 800 on grass is possible but a down slope is handy. The 800 is a monster and not to be attempted until plenty of confidence is gained on the 650. 

However you should never need to buy any other ramp set and the 500 and 650 are compatible with other Sender Features.

  • Grow your Range
  • 600 mm wide with strap provided to hold the legs during transport
  • Bolt on more Features
  • Portable / Compact / Folding
  • Incredible Price for Top End Build Quality

Made with Stainless fixings, 18mm Birch Core Phenolic ramp surfaces and 18mm Birch Plywood Sides. We recommend treating your ramps with a Low VOC Clear Decking preservative.

The number describes the height of the ramp in mm. 

The Advanced Ramp Set Includes:

1 x Sender 500 CURVED

1 x Sender 650 CURVED Extension

1 x Sender 800 EXTENSION

The ramps come unassembled with easy to follow films on YouTube or we can assemble for you. Upgrade to PRO RANGE or add CUSTOM branding.

Please contact us if you need help.

5 - 10  Working Days Manufacture BEFORE Shipping 

WARNING - Young children should be supervised to prevent trapped fingers when unfolding the ramp legs and securing the baton. 

Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (Helmet (full face) gloves, pads and a suitable maintained bike) when jumping and work up the ramps placing a smaller ramp where possible on the landing side to reduce the step down. A soft landing such as grass may reduce serious injuries.