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Many riders are also climbers or cross train. Many riders have limited space for training. 

The Sender Power Station is the ultimate compact training station. It can be used with Gym Rings, Fingerboards, Climbing Holds, Rolly Balls, Resistance bands and now has an adjustable bolt on training bar. The Hangboard has fixings on both sides so you can make transitions and mount more climbing holds or components.

In addition - we have a bolt on feature called SUBSTATION. This board can be adjusted from 30 to 45 degrees overhanging. This creates a home climbing wall for running repeater circuits!

Power Station is flat packed for self-assembly. It takes approx 2 hrs to assemble. Once assembled it can be unassembled into 5 parts for easy storage.

Manufactured from Birch Plywood and Birch Core Phenolic Plywood. 

The BASIC FLAT package come with:

  • 1 x Double Sided Hangboard
  • 2 x Support Feet
  • 2 x Posts

You can then add:

  • Substation
  • Gym Rings
  • Training Bar
  • Climbing Pack
  • Fingerboard
  • Rolly Balls
  • Custom Mats

Visit www.powerstationtraining.com


Training should only be undertaken after seeking advice from a professional coach or doctor if you have doubts or concerns regarding health. Undertaking finger strength training is serious and can lead to tendon and muscle damage if done incorrectly.