Person on a bike balancing/track standing on a Sender See-saw at the tipping point
Person on a bike jumping over a Sender See-saw fixed to a ramp ledge
Person on a bike dropping off the end of a Sender See-saw resting on a beam ledge
Person on a bike riding along two Sender See-saws in roller mode
Person on a bike jumping over a Sender See-saw in roller mode
Person on a bike riding up a Sender See-Saw fixed to a ledge on a ramp
Person on a bike rolling on front wheel (endo) down a Sender See-saw fixed to a ramp ledge
Rear view of a person on a bike riding up a Sender See-saw which will tip on to a ledge fixed to a ramp
Front view of a person on a bike riding up a Sender See-saw which will tip on to a ledge fixed to a ramp
Person kneeling next to a Sender Balance Beam showing how surface can be changed
Two Sender Balance Beams folded in half and lying on the ground
A Sender See-saw with wide surface sitting next to a Canyon bike
A Sender See-saw with narrow surface sitting next to a Canyon bike
Two Sender See-saws in roller mode with wide and narrow surface sitting next to a Canyon bike


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LEDGE and 350 LEGS




International Design Copyright WIPO Filed and Pending


The New Sender Seesaw is NEXT LEVEL! We have built on the SUCCESS of our Classic Seesaw and added many new cool features to make it even MORE adaptable. ALL Seesaw Components come ASSEMBLED ready to BOLT TOGETHER!

  • The 235 mm Beam is Challenging
  • The 400 mm Beam is perfect for Beginners and Balance Bikes


  • Fold the Seesaw in HALF to make it easier to Transport and Store
  • Select a Narrow 235 mm (Advanced) or Wide 400 mm (Beginners) Surface
  • Easily and Quickly Change between Narrow or Wide Surfaces (Mid Session with and Extra Surface)
  • Turn your Seesaw into an "A" Frame
  • Reuse the Seesaw Surface and Substructure and make a Balance Beam (add components)
  • Join your Seesaw to a 350 CORE / CLASSIC OR ADVANCED PROGRESSION RAMP to create realistic, engaging and challenging sessions
  • Use your ramp to Coach Jumping
  • Create a WAVE "M" with 2 x Seesaws

You can grow your range and add new features. Explore the product options under Seesaw and Balance Beam.

The Seesaw comes with:

  • 1 x Surface Narrow OR Wide
  • 1 x Substructure and Rocker Plate
  • 1 x Beam Rest for creating a TIP to DROP OFF!

Select if you would like and ADDITIONAL / extra Surface AND / OR 350 Ledge and Legs

**The 350 Ledge and Legs allow you to connect your Seesaw to a 350 CLASSIC / CORE / PROGRESSION ADVANCED RAMP. This allows you to Ride Seesaw to RAMP or RAMP to SEESAW. You can also create a RAMP to Narrow Horizontal Beam - Roll Off. See Images.

The 350 Leg Set allows you to join the Seesaw to a 350 Ramp, THEN use the Seesaw Component as a Central Support that leads to the 350 Legs SUPPORTING the End of the Seesaw Surface! This creates a 350 High Balance Beam to Drop Off or Ramp Descent!

If you need help with this product please email or call / Text Whats App 0044 7719 309214

COACHES and CLUBS: An Insanely good piece of equipment for any club or coach

WEIGHT: 20 kgs

STABILTY: Stable on grass, gravel or concrete due to shape and weight

MODE: Many Options to create fun, engaging and challenging scenarios


SECURE - Robust and Durable design and construction

SOLID - A Seesaw for LIFE - Construction from 18 mm (13 Layer) Birch plywood and Stainless Steel Fixings. No Elastic!

MODULAR: Works with other Sender Components and Features

COMPACT / PORTABLE: Strap points to create a simple rucksack to carry to the park

LANDING RAMP: A Landing Ramp is not essential. Land to Flat or on a grass slope



OPTIONS: Please see additional products that accompany the Seesaw and Balance Beam

SENDER RANGE: 18mm Birch Plywood Sides with 18mm Birch Core GRIP Phenolic Surface

PRO RANGE: 100% Birch Core GRIP Phenolic Sides and Surface

    CUSTOM BRANDING : Add your Personal / Shop / Business IDENTITY! Contact: with a Vector File / Logo and we will send you a custom quote for artwork and CNC Cutting your TRAINER.

    ASSEMBLED OR UNASSEMBLED: All Seesaw and Balance Beam Components come ready to bolt or push together

    RAMP FOR LIFE and PRODUCT CARE - Always Store and dry your ramp inside. Treat cut edges and plywood faces with a LOW VOC Natural Coloured water based decking protector such as Ronseal. Spray and grease bolts and fixings. Spare parts are available!

    USER WARNING / SAFETY: Jumping at any height is dangerous and can result in serious injury to yourself and others. ALWAYS wear a helmet, gloves and pads. Eyewear, a full face helmet and a neck brace are advisable. Always inspect your ramp for damage and secure ALL bolts before use. ALWAYS locate your ramp with good safe approach and exit. Landing on grass provides a more forgiving landing. If placed on concrete or tar ensure it does not slide. Start low, consolidate techniques and progress height with skill and confidence. 

    IMAGES - Please note that images are illustrative and the product may vary slightly from that advertised.