Custom Artwork Charge

Regular price £30.00

This product is specifically for Custom Manual Machines, Trailhead / Roadie Bikestand's and other Custom CNC Work. Once we receive your Vector Logo File we will email you with the cost to work with this file and make it possible to cut on the CNC Machine. As long as the logo does not change this artwork fee is a one off, and the logo kept on file for repeat orders.

If we have provided an estimate for the time it will take to import, present and communicate the solution to you in an email please select this option and add it to your cart. This product will not incur additional postage.

If you do not have a vector file of your logo or the logo is very complex or poor quality we may suggest some changes so it looks good or fits nicely on the products. It may also take a lot longer to import and work with. The better the file quality the less expensive the artwork charge will be as it will be quicker and easier to work with. For help please email

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