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The Wedge is our 600 x 600 Tabletop. It fits and bolts between all of our ramps 200 - 350 - 500 and 650 High

Using the WEDGE between two ramps makes jumping safer for beginners as it removes the gap. Tricks can also be learned and attempted on the Tabletop. You can join MULTIPLE WEDGES together OR join onto our FULL SIZE Tabletop.

You can create a small 200 drop with a 200 leg set (not included)

The STANDARD Wedge is Manufactured from Birch Plywood Sides and Birch Core Phenolic Surface. 

It comes assembled or unassembled

  • To Create a DROP you will need 1 x 200 Legs Set / Wedge
  • To Join 2 Wedges Together you will need 1 x Joining Block Set and 2 x 200 Leg Sets

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when riding your bike, learning new skills or attempting tricks. A helmet and gloves is the minimum. 




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