Sender Curved Ramps

All ramps and components are made to order. We will advise of a shipping date before an order is placed. Call 07442 530332 or mail Thank you

Our Curved Ramps can be used as launch ramps on there own or you can join same size ramps together (curved take off and straight landing) with The Bridge which fills the gap to create a table top. This safety feature is essential if you are learning to jump further. The bridge sections can be increased in size using our Tabletops. You can also create drop offs and build a 4 way ramp. The combinations are endless.

Our Spoiler feature can be bolted to any of the curved ramps to reduce the chance of bad accidents or broken bikes if you come up short at hit the top lip of the ramp. The Spoiler creates a 100 mm flat spot before the landing surface. 


  • 250mm Beginner
  • 500mm Intermediate
  • 750mm Advanced
  • 1000mm Monster

You can bolt the ramps together side by side so you can have 1 or more take off ramps but more likely 1 take off and 2 landing ramps. This is recommended when jumping long distances or using the big ramps where drift in the air is possible.

All our ramps are made from 18mm Phenolic Plywood with treated timber inserts.

Make 4 Way Multi Ramps Stations with the Bridge and Table Top

The Skate Plate:

We have a bolt on feature coming soon called the skate plate which allows you to use the ramp with a skateboard and sweetens the transition from the ground to the ramp surface using 3mm chequer plate. This simply bolts onto the holes drilled in the front edge of the ramp.