The Bridge, Tabletop and Spoiler

All ramps and components are made to order. We will advise of a shipping date before an order is placed. Call 07442 530332 or mail

The components on this page allow you to customize create, develop and evolve your ramp station as you gain confidence and skill. You can create Tabletops between ramps while you practice jumping or you can form a drop off or step down.

You can bolt ramps of the same size together (side by side) and even create a central one ramp take off which has a tabletop and bolts onto a 2 ramp landing! You can even create a 3 or 4 ramp cross station. The bolt holes are all cross compatible.

The Bridge, Tabletop and Spoiler fit all the ramps in the 250 - 500 - 750 and 1000 range. This means that when you move up a ramp size the components come with you. You only need to buy new legs for the number of Tabletops you own (one per ramp).

The Bridge: Each has a 600 x 300mm horizontal surface

This is the section which bolts directly onto the ramp. You can link a bridge to a bridge with no table top to create a 600mm Tabletop. You can use a bridge on the landing ramp if you are gap jumping to create a 'case' pad if you come up short.

The Tabletop: Each has a 600 x 600mm horizontal surface

Bolt this onto a bridge either side to widen the jump between ramps or link one or two together with no end ramp to create a drop off. If you has a smaller ramp like a 250 this can be placed under the drop off to lessen the drop height.

The Spoiler: Each is 600 x 125mm

This bolts onto every ramp in the range and is the minimum protection we recommend when jumping. It creates a short horizontal section in case you come up a little short. It may save destroying a back wheel or worse your own body if you land on the angled top lip of the ramps.